Management skills

Many years of project management activities on behalf of several companies with different peculiarities, product portfolio and development structures, allowed us to increase very deep and articulate management skills

Marketing and technical support

  • Marketing activities for identify new products development opportunities, mainly in the areas of systems for telecommunications networks and advanced telephony terminals, home automation, security systems, automotive
  • Draft of feasibility studies
  • Technical and economic proposals for the introduction of new systems / products

Project management

  • Organization and management of project groups, also distributed over different locations, and constant technical supervision of development activities
  • Monitoring of development activities and implementation for rapid detection and management of critical situations / problems / unforeseen events
  • Ongoing progress monitoring and development time and costs balance survey; use of shared project management tools (WinProject - Tutos - Redmine- CoreALM)
  • Administration and use of versioning tools (SourceSafe, SVN, git), testing management (Testlink), bug-tracking management (Bugzilla - Redmine - Mantis)
  • Feasibility studies draft and new products system analysis (decomposition into sub-assemblies, project and product specifications draft)
  • Choice of fey components and technology solutions to be adopted for a new product development
  • Time and development costs budget and estimation of production costs
  • Choice of cost-effective solutions and technologies for product design/engineering/process 
  • Systems and electronic components procurement (market research, short list, negotiations)
  • Technical/economic documentation drafts for access to national and European public funding opportunities

Human resources management

  • Recruitment and selection for R&D teams
  • Individual and collective training
  • Growing relationship of mutual respect and trust with employees, which has achieved significant results for the complexities to be addressed and the time to market required related to development team size


  • Sensitivity and proactiveness for the improvement and maintenance of the procedural/organizational aspects
  • Concepts of financial and accounting management company matters
  • New features development, adapting to the Italian legislation, customization and localization of OpenERP, OpenSource ERP application (Financial accounting, Analytic accounting, Human Resources modules)