Job experiences

We're working since more than 35 years, servicing various engineering and manufacturing companies in the geographic areas of Turin, Rome, Bergamo and engaged in the telecommunications, industrial automation, security, automotive fields.

Pagit di Geninatti Paolo

Period: 2007-present

Role: freelancer

Sector: Products development for industrial automation, home automation, automotive, IT and telecommunications fields; embedded Linux; project management


  • Technical manager of Embedded division for a company that offers design and consultancy services on electronic/IT fields, with main activities into automotive and monitoring systems: project management, team management, design and implementation of hw/fw solutions for customers and internal projects.

    Applied skills: project management, customer relationship, technical/economical proposals, feasibility studies, hw/fw/sw design, monitoring systems for renewable energy production plants, automotive, linux BSP and application sw

  • BSP development for embedded Linux systems based on ARM or Intel architectures: first and second stage bootloaders (u-boot, optimized bootloaders for specific applications), communication drivers (PCIe, USB, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, CAN, SD/MMC, SPI, I2C, UART) and media drivers (audio, video output/capture) for different application processors (i.MX6, i.MX8, R-Car, Omap, Broadcom, Atom, Broxton, ...). Implementation and maintenance of integrated software distributions based on Yocto, application software development (C++, python, php)

    Applied skills: u-boot, linux driver, realtime, embedded architectures, i.MX6, i.MX8, Broadcom, R-Car, TI, Atom, Broxton, Yocto, git, gerrit

  • Project management and development/maintenance/testing activities for a complete linux BSP for an STM I/O processor used on an infotainment automotive platform: platform driver, UART, SPI, I2C, ALSA SoC sound, V4L video input and FM/DAB radio tuners, Ethernet, USB ohci/ehci, USB OTG, DMA, MLB, CAN, MFD, GPIO, SD/MMC

    Applied skills: linux driver development, real-time, embedded architectures, PCIe and AMBA bus, team management, project management, git, Testlink

  • “Turn-key” hardware and firmware development for products and systems for applications into security, electronic payments, industrial control, home automation, consumer goods

    Applied skills: hardware/firmware development for boards with ARM-Cortex CPU and analog/digital electronic circuits, hw design, fw design, PCB design, feasibility studies

  • TUV Italy advice for verification and validation of PCBs on an electronic product for railway application

    Applied skills: PCB (clearance e creepage) and electronic components insulation criteria verification according to EN50124 and EN60664 standards, fault-tolerance verification, type tests setup

  • Product development for automobile diagnosis: hardware, firmware and software development

    Applied skills: hardware development (analog circuits, Freescale Coldfire microcontrollers, Li-Ion battery charger), firmware development (C), software development (C++, C#, CE 6.0), PCB design, automotive communication protocols (ODB-II, CAN, K-line, KWP2000, J1281, ISO9141, TP2.0)

  • Project Management for a company that operates in the development and commercialization of instrumentation for plastic materials testing: management and coordination of all electronic projects (hw/fw).

    Applied skills: project management, hardware development (analog, FPGA, HCS12, 683xx, AVR, DSP), firmware development (Assembler, C), software development (C, C#, .NET, CE 5.0/6.0), PCB design, industrial automation (DC/AC/step motor controls, PID, temperature/force/pressure sensors, encoders), LabView, Matlab/Simulink

  • Product development for security systems: hardware/firmware development of GSM dialer, small central alarm system with wired and wireless sensors and built-in GSM dialer, infrared volumetric sensor, mixed infrared/microwave volumetric sensor, wireless infrared volumetric sensor.

    Applied skills: project management, hardware development (analog, AVR), firmware development (C), PCB design, GSM/GPRS, wireless 434MHz, volumetric pyroelectric and microwave anti-intrusion sensors

  • PCB design

    Applied skills: PCB design

  • Cooperation to OpenSource OpenERP development, with activities on Italian localizations (language and accounting modules adaptation according to Italian laws and accounting standards.

    Applied skills: Python, RML, Java, Postgres, MySql, server management (Linux Debian), ERP, general and analytic accounting

Urmet TLC S.p.A.

Period: 1999-2007

Field: Telecommunications (development, production and marketing of devices and systems in the areas of auxiliary systems and network value-added services, private telephone terminals, payphones and multimedia systems)

Role: Staff role employed by the General Manager for the coordination of the Reseach and Development systems division (1999-2001)
Technical Director for the Research and Development area for user terminals (2001-2007)

Main designs:

  • Service for sending SMS over the fixed telephone network
  • Small and medium sized PABXs (analog, ISDN and VoIP)
  • ‰Second-generation IP-based videophone for fixed telephone network (produced on more than 1,300,000 samples)
  • ‰"Combined" videophone, able to operate on both traditional telephone network and on "broadband" (xDSL)

Applied skills: Project management, hardware design (analogic, ARM, PXA270, Freescale SH3), firmware design (C), software design (Linux embedded, C, C++), video-telephony over IP (SIP, H.263, H.264, AMR, RTP, SMNP), PSTN and ISDN telephony, ADSL

Audiotel Engineering Srl

Period: 2002-2006

Field: Telecommunications (development, production and marketing of devices and systems in the areas of wireless voice and data transmission (GSM, DECT)

Role: Board member

Appel Elettronica Srl in Orbassano (TO)

Period: 1991-1999

Field: Telecommunications (development, production and marketing of devices and systems, primarily in the management of telephone value added services)

Role: Hardware/Firmware designed
Research and Development Area Manager and Product Manager

Main designs:

  • Interactive multi-flow announcement system (4 PCM streams @ 2 Mbit/s) with shared phonic group and CAS, multifrequency and CCS#7 signalling
  • Telephone conversations recording system based on personal computer interface board with analog and PCM inputs
  • "Service Node" platform to deal with all sorts of special service telephone, able to handle up to 32 PCM streams @ 2Mbit/s, with service creation environment
  • Dialing box with ISDN/BRA interface for routing the originated phone traffic to fixed networks or GSM mobile networks with LCR algoritm

Applied skills: Project management, hardware design (analogic, 68000, V25, PCM, DSP), firmware deign (assembler, DSP, C), software design (QNX, C), PCM, ISDN

AET Telecommunications S.p.A. of Turin

Period: 1982-1991

Field: Telecommunications (development, production and marketing of devices and systems, mainly for data transmission)

Role: Hardware / Firmware engineer (Telephony and Data Transmission divisions)

Main designs:

  • PBX intercom system for RAI (main Italian TV broadcast provider) technical services
  • Telephone amplification device based on "negative impedance" principle
  • Mixer for video signals and video graphics applications
  • Monitoring tool for digital PCM streams @ 2Mbit/s (with implementation of an integrated custom gate-array)

Applied skills: Hardware design (analogic, digital, ASIC, 68000 CPU), firmware design (assembler, C), PCM, baseband video circuits