Products development

With more than 30 years of experience in electronic design field, once employed by leading companies for product development for the telecommunications industry and now as independent freelancer, we can offer absolutely top rank services in terms of time-to-market and quality for electronic products development.

Our activities portfolio:

  • Feasibility studies with development and product costs estimation, architectural options drafting, key components proposal
  • Drafting of product specifications
  • Hardware design for analog / digital / power circuits
  • Development boards with various CPU (8/16/32 bit microcontrollers, application processor of ARM core, DSP, SoC)
  • Printed circuits boards (PCB) design
  • Firmware development for 8, 16 and 32-bit embedded microcontrollers and DSP (assembly language, C, C ++)
  • BSP development, file system customization and applications development for OS based embedded systems (Linux, FreeRTOS, Windows CE)
  • Software development for desktop environments (.NET C # / C ++, WPF)
  • Entire management of Linux based embedded systems: toolchain and libraries set-up, first stage and second stage (i.e. u-Boot) bootloader customization, drivers development, kernel porting, rootfs customization (buildroot, openembedded, Yocto, ...), application development
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Cost reduction / obsolescence replacement
  • Prototypes development and bring up
  • Test equipment and functional validation test environment development and setup
  • Start production assistance
  • Real focus on cost effective solutions and time-to-market goals
electronic products design

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