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Technical skills

25 years spent into electronic design and software development fields within technologically advanced and ambitious sectors allowed to gain technical skills mature very spread and in-depth technical expertise.


Electronics design

  • LF and HF analog circuits design
  • Programmable logic circuit (PLD, FPGA, Gate-array) design
  • Hardware and firmware for microprocessors / microcontrollers (80x31/80x51, 68000, 68HC11, 683xx, V25+, H8, H8S, HCS12, AVR, ARM92x, XScale PXA27x), DSP (TMS320Cxx, ADSP 219x) and interfacing of complex peripheral devices
  • Programming languages: Assembler, VB, C, C++, C#, Python, Java
  • FreeRTOS, Linux and Windows CE 5.0/6.0 OS on embedded systems
  • DSP algorithms: data acquisition and processing, real-time recognition and generation frequency, digital filters, vocal compression
  • POTS phone interfaces, ISDN BRA and PRA, PCM 2 Mbit/s, 34 Mbit/s and 140 Mbit/s and relevant signaling protocols (reference standards TBR.21, TBR.38, F-SMS, MMS-F, ISDN, SS7, INAP, SIP, H.324, ... )
  • Streaming and signaling protocols used for multimedia on IP (SIP, RTP / RTCP, ...), and audio / video codec used in applications of videotelephony (H.263, H.263 +, H.264, MPEG4, G.711 , G.723, G.729, GSM-AMR, RFC2833, ...)
  • Equipments for wired and wireless security applications: volumetric pyroelectric (infrared) and microwave sensors, GSM and PSTN alarm dialling systems, Telit GSM/GPRS module management, central alarm systems; wireless systems on 434MHz bandwidth with Aurel RF and Keeloq® security code
  • Algorithms and applications for measuring instruments for testing materials: high precision PID control algorithms (temperature and strength), step and DC and AC motors control, encoder management, acquisition systems for various transducers (position sensors LVDT, load cells, bridge strain gauges, piezoelectric transducers, level meters, ...)
  • Chaneled transmission systems with high reliability and immunity with frequency modulation for data applications on backbone for railway trains


Computing / IT

  • Client-server and/or peer-to-peer networks based on Microsoft operating systems or Linux
  • Linux (Debian) server management with a range of services (web server, MySql and Postgres databases, mail server/agent, software source repository and versioning, ERP, backup, ...)
  • Technologies for websites development (HTML, CSS, WML, XML, Flash, Java, JavaScript, PHP, AJAX, CMS)
  • Cooperation to ERP OpenSource project (OpenERP), developed in Python and with RML reporting

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