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PCB design

The ever-increasing difficulty of electronic devices, miniaturization and increasing complexity of electronic components, high clock speeds, CE certification requirements, and, last but not least, the need to minimize the number of revisions of the printed circuit board needed to move from prototype to mass production, make it necessary to use professional PCB design services.


Our long experience in electronic design has led us in the years to address issues of PCB routing with an eye always very careful and skilled to the needs of the electronic circuit, and the results, in terms of optimization and quality, have always been very much appreciated.

The following are the salient features of what we offer:

  • Development of PCBs from single sided to 12 layers and more
  • Optimization of routing in terms of reducing the number of layers and minimizing the PCB size (where applicable)
  • Careful placement of components so as to favor the critical paths and design functional areas
  • Routing preferential signals with critical paths and minimizing interferences
  • Effective placement and routing of filtration components, when allocated
  • Power distribution according to the guidelines for the respect of "signal integrity" and reduction of "ground bounce"
  • Adaptation of the tracks width and insulation to the technology required and/or de-facto standards for the type of circuit
  • Absolutely guaranteed compliance of routing to the wiring diagram if provided in electronic format and/or with netlist available
  • Provision of Gerber files in standard format, and all documentation to outline (PCB multiplation on standard panels, coordinate file for automatic placement, file for stencil, topological assembly, ODB++ , ...)
  • We can also provide prototyping of printed circuit boards with fast or standard procedures

Don't hesitate to contact us for any evaluation or offer request.

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